Three Weeks!

Howdy!  Happy (end of) Memorial Day Weekend!  Hope everyone saw the Pittsburgh Penguins win game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals today… right?!    Well our wedding is almost upon us.  We’ve got just about everything dialed in and hopefully so do you.  PLEASE let us know if you need info on travel, transportation and more.  We’re not experts but can probably help.  That said, while you’ll have plenty of food with us – please come hungry! – here’s a little fun road trip idea (courtesy of the Travel Channel) for your extended stay or next New Mexico vacay:  (photo: beautiful wall mural, downtown Taos)

Still Need A Hotel? Rooms on hold at El Monte Sagrado

UPDATE: If you still need a room for the weekend, as of May 20th, we have 3-4 more Native King rooms ($179/night) on hold at El Monte Sagrado (575) 758-3502, the big resort in town which is very close to the Palacio de Marquesa (and they happen to own it as well). The rooms are being held under the reservation name “Miles Baraff” so when you call just say that there are some rooms with that reservation name on hold and you’d simply like to change the name to yours (insert your name here). 

FLASH Art & Wine Update ;)

The weekend of June 17-19 just happens to be the Red River Art & Wine festival featuring art, pottery, photography, wine sampling, music and more. Red River is a ski/summer resort probably a half-hour outside of town (north).  Don’t worry, we’re not trying to pawn you off on the locals!  But there might be a few extra “turistas” around town that weekend AND just more “excuses” for checking out all the amazing and unique local crafts.  

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