Now THIS is suit shopping!

Yes, yes, Courtney and I went cruising – casually and with low expectations, mind you – for suits today.  Thought we’d check some patterns, see what’s hip, all that deal.  We parked in the vicinity of a place (that shall remain nameless) which we had an idea to peruse… and as we exited the car, we realized there was another nice looking gentlemen’s shop a few feet away.  We shrugged and went in.  And like the children walking through the wardrobe in a CS Lewis novel, we entered the amazing world of Q Clothier, a custom menswear shop that seemed too good to believe.  In conjunction with partner outfitter Rye 51 (more casual attire) they’re a rather new/old concept in first-rate customer service based, full-supply-line-control, whiskey-on-the-rocks-serving boutique clothier.  Without pressure and with an amazing array of cloth, styles, and custom options, literally down to the buttons and accent thread, we sat down to dial in a suit.  Yes, yes, over a few of the aforementioned whiskeys on the rocks.  :)  Steve, our well-mannered, extremely knowledgeable, nicely Q-suited, personal clothier helped us from soup (cloth choices) to nuts (fitting and measuring) and we can’t wait to see the final version in a few weeks after assembled from the ground up.  Stay tuned…

The Fast & Furious Wedding!

Well, it’s now officially 60 days until we get hitched! Because we both have the same thoughts about weddings and all the trappings (and planning) thereof, we have been around and around through every conceivable “option” for months… and finally pulled the proverbial and literal trigger less than two weeks ago on a date, time, place, and everything else that weddings entail!  Yowza.  At least it’s us “completely mutually” pushing the gas pedal to get to Taos in 60 days with all of you along for the ride.  Basically, hold on tight!  

Courtney skating away the full moon high above Lake Tahoe.

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